The Benefits of Nursery School in Singapore

Children who are in the ages of 3 to 6 absorb a lot from their surroundings. These children are actually tiny people who understand all the rules, emotions of people and what is expected of them. Why these individuals shouldn’t be put in an environment that would nurture their skills and build their personalities. Nursery schools help children develop these skills while also benefitting with the prospect of growing with their peers. This gives children a social perspective of how to go along with diverse people who do not share a common home and gives them an emotional enlightenment.

It is important to say that the trend of early education is growing and more parents sending their children to school nurseries in Singapore than a few years ago. While home schooling has its own advantage, it is also important for a child to learn peer interaction which usually they lean around this age. Here are a few points that emphasize this ideal:

An academic and social uplift

Children are naturally very curious and very open towards learning new things. A play based nursery schools provides these individuals with the opportunities of learning new things related to vocabulary, numbers, manners, effective communication etc. that helps them in the primary education. These are systematically organized through interactive activities that maintain the interest of the child while at the same time helping him learn.

Structured learning and social cues

Children are taught about rules and structure in nursery schools such as respecting a que, raising their hand while sounding their opinion or when asked about something, following instructions that are laid out etc. which grounds them towards structure and organization. These children understand the values of law and order as they grow up and respect it as well.  

Preparing for primary school

Attending preschool and nursery will help them excel in the primary school where they would be already equipped with the fundamentals and would not waste time having to catch up on the basics. There are play based pre math and pre linguistic skills that are taught in this school which sets a pace for the child to follow for the rest of their education.

Emotional and social development

In nursery through different play techniques and activities, children learn about the values of empathy, sharing, taking turns, respecting others and problem solving through critical analysis. While being away from the comfort of mothers and fathers, children learn about their own individuality, wants and how they should take care of themselves. This builds in them a confidence to do more and do better.

Instead of depending others so much, children learn that they can do little tasks for themselves and think for themselves about what they want and how they would like to spend their free time. This understanding gives them a new perspective of their own selves and how they can do things for themselves without depending on others. Like asking mommy to pour juice, wear socks or brush the hair. Children also learn how to practice good manners and hygiene through interactive role plays and games. 

So don’t think twice and get your child enrolled right away!