Easy ways to help your kid learn how to speak Chinese in Singapore

Easy ways to help your kid learn how to speak Chinese in Singapore

As a loving parent, you undoubtedly want the best for your kids. That is why you are enrolling them into a good school and addressing their physical and emotional needs. But there is yet another thing you could do to help your child develop faster – and that is teaching your kid a second language. 

For example, in Singapore, learning Chinese for kids is mandatory from primary school onwards but most children are exposed to this second language from as young as less than one year old. If you are able to teach your kids how to speak a second language earlier, they are likely going to perform better academically and socially.

That been said, you need to keep it in mind that teaching your kids how to speak Chinese isn’t going to be rosy. You are definitely going to be met with some challenges.

 The following article by Delle Chan shed light on six easy ways to help your child learn Chinese.


If you and your child had to put up a five-minute skit in Mandarin, would you both be able to? That’s what 22 parent-child teams did at the annual Parent-Child Talent Competition 2015 on June 6, organised as part of the Speak Mandarin Campaign. Read more here

You likely now know some easy ways to help your little one learn Chinese. Remember to keep things fun and interesting as you teach them. If possible use apps, toys, and other tools to keep them interested and hungry to learn. Despite your best efforts, there is still a chance that your kids won’t embrace the language. Well, if that is the case, you must do all you can to remain positive, consistent and encourage them.

The following article by schoolbag discusses how parents can support and encourage their kids learning how to speak Chinese.

 How Parents Can Support Their Children In The Learning of Chinese Language in Primary Schools

In primary school, your child will be taught the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, there will be an emphasis on spoken and written interaction skills. A differentiated approach has been adopted in primary schools. Read more here.

You surely now know some ways to support your kid as he learns how to speak Chinese. A sure way to make the language become part of them is to use it at home. This means talking to them in Chinese, reading Chinese story books and explaining phrases and words they are unfamiliar with them. If teaching a kid between 5 to 9 years old how to speak Chinese is hard, then it is likely going to be twice as hard to teach a toddler. To succeed, you may have to be creative in your approach.

 The following article by mindchamps shed light on 3 creative ways to teach your kid mandarin.

3 Creative Ways to Teach Your Toddler Mandarin in Singapore

In Singapore, where it is possible to get by with speaking only in English, it can be quite the struggle motivating children to excel in Mandarin. Read more here.

You are likely now abreast with some three creative ways to teach your toddler how to speak Chinese in Singapore.  As you likely know, kids have a mind that is somewhat similar to a sponge. It is ever ready to absorb new information. So, if you surround your kids with friends who speak Mandarin Chinese, narrate your actions in Mandarin and use a play-based approach, your child is going to learn quicker.

 Final note

 The benefits of teaching your kid how to speak Chinese are endless. But most parents aren’t successfully able to do this. The reason for this may be linked to their approach.

 As a parent, it is not easy to keep trying a teaching method or approach that isn’t yielding any tangible results. To turn things around, you may have to learn from parents that were able to do this successfully.

Remember that you don’t have to wait till your kid grows up before you can start teaching your kid about the language. You can start teaching them how to speak Chinese while they are still little. Doing this will help them get a firm grasp of the language.