Attending Nursery School is Beneficial for Both Kids and Parents

In Singapore culture, nursery school is either full day, half day or even flexible program where kids are enrolled for the purpose of getting preschool education. In total, there are as many as 1,360 care centres working in the country which enrol students between the age of 18 months to 6 years. Normally when child reaches 3 years, he/she is admitted in nursery program. Then there are Nursery 1 program and Nursery 2 program which ultimately leads to Kindergarten.

So attending school nurseries are not only about babysitting and early education, there are ways in which the program is beneficial for both parents and kids.

Formulation of proper routine

Nursery systems are based on proper education/curriculum programs, learning lessons and defined learning objectives. Kids tend to compete and thrive when they are put in proper routine and daily settings. The activity planned for each day is such that it helps in familiarization, so kids can have proper control over their daily routine. It is like “thank you”, “good morning” and “I am sorry” are not just words which are spoken, rather are routine words which are used every now and then. Thus, rules and regulations are introduced in their daily routine with the objective of becoming accustomed to society and community practices.

Enhancing social interaction

With social interaction, kids get a chance to learn communication, manners, empathy, manners and well beings. They also realize how to interact with people coming from different backgrounds. Kids also gather much confidence when they sit and talk to other kids as their sense of emotional attachment and mental capabilities. They are also able to build their character and sharp their societal skills.

Learning through different activities

When kids make their ways in nursery system, then it is not about rote learning or serious syllabus covering, rather they are made to take part in different plays and activities which help them in understanding different aspects of their lives and environment. Apart from these, they develop their aesthetics, team building skills, emotional skills, problem solving skills, language and cognitive thinking patterns.

Self-time: confidence and independence

One of the salient features of nursery in Singapore is that it enables kids to have some time alone. Since they interact with their peers, friends and teachers all day long, still they get a chance to stay alone for some time in which they work independently on some task or get a chance to play with some toy. It helps them in developing self-confidence and become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. They also get a chance to work independently and enhance their problem-solving skills.

Physical and cognitive development skills

Apart from engaging in course work or curriculum, in nursey kids get a chance to engage in physical and cognitive skill enhancement activities. With physical tasks, they become strong and with cognitive skill enhancement activities, they get a chance to develop motor and sensory skills

Learning is Love

When kids formally get into the routine of nursery schooling, they start loving their routine and seek information and knowledge in conducive environment. Now they want to go to school with the interest of learning something new every day.

Nursery programs in Singapore are interesting and educational and have been developed keeping in mind the kid’s future learning programs and school routines.