Advantages of Choosing a Childcare Centre Near Your Home

For most working parents, child care is a critical component in their lives. While some families are comfortable having a live-in nanny to help take care of the child, most prefer child care centres in Singapore. In the past decade, the number of children in child care centres has doubled. Child care centres have also increased the number of hours they operate to up to 12hrs a day. For most parents, the issue is not whether they need child care, but how far away to take their children for the care.

Avoid the Morning and Evening Rush

There are several advantages to taking your child to a childcare centre that is close to your home. Traffic can be a menace, and sometimes, you may be forced to leave home earlier than you need to because you don’t want to be caught up in traffic. This essentially means you’ll need to wake your child up early. If you go through this routine five times a week, it means you only get to sit and spend time with your child over the weekend.

A childcare centre close to your home will give you time to prepare your child in the morning, and possibly indulge in chit-chat at breakfast. This is an excellent time to find out how your child feels about the facility and the activities he or she enjoys while there. You can also find out if your child is not happy at the centre when you are not always rushing out to beat traffic.

You are More Likely to Use a Nearby Childcare Centre for Long

If you are planning to maintain the same residential address for some time, taking your child to a childcare centre that is near your home reduces the likelihood of you changing the facility. It is easy to establish a routine when you take your child to a childcare centre near your home. This way, you can organize your schedule around this routine, even when you are not around, another member of the family can drop and pick your child without difficulty.

Your Child Will be Comfortable in an Environment He Knows

Most children struggle to cope in the first few days they spend in a childcare centre. Those who go to a centre further away are more likely to take longer to adjust than children who go to a centre that is closer to home. A centre that is in a familiar environment gives a child comfort knowing home, and his parents are close by, even when the parents work further away.

You also get the chance to show your child around the neighbourhood every time you drop or pick him up from the childcare centre. Your child needs to learn the route to and from home, and some of the landmarks in the area. This way, if ever he wanders off, he will quickly find his way home or the centre.

Support Developments in the Neighbourhood

Schools and other establishments in the neighbourhood often give rise to other facilities in the community, including hospitals, groceries, and supermarkets. You taking your child to a nearby daycare centre is your contribution to the development in your neighbourhood. In the long run, these facilities will raise the value of properties in the area, lead to an increase in population, and infrastructural developments.

There is much to be gained by taking your child to a childcare facility near your home. However, the quality of service also matters. It is essential to identify the type of services and care your child will receive before you decide to enrol him in the centre.