Factors that Have Contributed to Science Tuition Culture in Singapore

Singapore’s tuition industry is worth more than a billion dollars. At household levels, tuition expenditure takes thousands of dollars from the family income and is one of the priority costs for most families. What has contributed to the tuition boom in Singapore? Parents even plan for tuition costs as their children join primary school, especially for the science subject.

Value for education

Singaporeans have a deep culture in education. By the time children get to kindergarten going age, they know quite a bit about numbers and colors. In fact, parents take it upon themselves to start educating their children at an early age, with some starting when they are as young as two years. By the time children get to primary school, teachers find that most have learned basic science, which is part of the early primary school curriculum.

Children are taught from an early age the importance of education if they are to get ahead in life. So, even as parents ensure the funds are available for tuition, the children are equally responsive to the extra lessons they receive because they appreciate the importance of tuition.

Education is highly competitive

It is natural for parents to ask their children how their peers performed in the examinations. Every parent wants their child to be among the top performing students and will do everything possible to ensure their children excel in their studies. This competition is equally ingrained in the minds of the children.

Schools have not been left behind in this competitive world. Students want to do their schools proud and are encouraged to take extra lessons for their tutors in order to stay ahead. Most of the tutors are former teachers who understand the curriculum. They also customize their teaching methods to meet the individual needs of the students.

An effort to retain international recognition

Tuition lessons are not just beneficial to the students, it affects Singapore’s standing internationally. Many countries including the United States have admired Singapore’s education system. Some schools in the US have adopted the curriculum and style of teaching in the hope of achieving the same level of success Singapore has, especially in science.

Singapore students perform exceptionally well in international school competitions. Many students endeavor to take part in these competitions. For them to be a part of competitions such as Vanda, students need to be at the top of their game. For many students, the only way they can be sure they are doing their best and are on the right track is with the support of science tuition centres such as Indigo science tuition centre.

Students and parents fear lagging behind

The Kiasu spirit, fear of lagging is a significant part of Singaporeans. No one wants to intentionally remain behind if there is something they can do to prevent that. Seven out of ten parents send their children for tuition in Singapore. Some of them have had to cut their expenses significantly to ensure their children are just as competitive as children from homes in better financial situations.

Some tutors offer subsidized rates for families that are struggling financially to ensure their children get an equal shot at performing well in science and other subjects. Many Singaporean parents would rather miss out on some of the luxuries, as long as their children get the best in education.

Tuition has proven to be a worthwhile investment

Many parents are comfortable spending money on tuition because they have seen the impact it has had on the performance of their children. This is one of the reasons why tuition continues to thrive. This culture is not dying anytime soon because parents are appreciative of it and it contributes significantly to Singapore’s development, through increased employment opportunities and a better prepared future generation.

Science tuition centres contribute immensely to the science culture in Singapore. Whereas some students remain uncomfortable progressing with science at higher levels of learning, most of those who do enjoy the subject because of the foundation they received in primary school.


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